Welcome to the DPC Foundation, we know you are interested in the DPC or the DPC Foundation. You can feel free to ask your questions. Let's answer your questions. We are glad, you went deep to the DPC Foundation. We hope you understand the DPC Foundation.

Is the DPC real?

The DPC is real. But, you will be confused about the DPC or the DPC items. The DPC is actually real, the DPC Foundation already answer your question.

What is DPC?

The DPCs are an item. That the DPC Foundation contains such as paranormal and phenomena. The DPC is an anomaly, the DPC Foundation contains.

Is the DPC Foundation real?

The DPC Foundation is real, we are hiding from everyone around the world. The DPC Foundation will not answer that question. We are glad you ask that question. The DPC Foundation website is real.

What is DPC Foundation?

The DPC Foundation study about anomalies and contain those anomalies.

You want to learn more about the DPC Foundation click here.

Is it true the DPC Foundation was the original name of the SAFE Foundation?

Yes, the original name was the SAFE Foundation, but the SAFE Foundation named it the DPC Foundation. So, we have the Safe Foundation. The SAFE Foundation changes the name to the DPC Foundation. The SAFE Foundation was made in February 2020.

At what age do I have to join the DPC Foundation?

Have to be age 15 to join the DPC Foundation. You are under age 15. We will ban you.

I'm 14 and my birthday is almost coming can I join?

You are 14 and you say your birthday is almost coming we will still accept you. But you are 14 and your birthday is not coming we will not accept you.

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