About the DPC Foundation

The DPC Foundation is an organization containing paranormal and creatures and phenomena, the DPC Foundation will contain those things people shouldn't know. The DPC Foundation is responsible for containing the DPCs and locations.
The DPC Foundation doesn't show to the public. To keep a secret from people around the world. The DPC Foundation is responsible for containing anomalies. To keep them contained all time.
The DPC Foundation started on February 29, 2020. The DPC Foundation jobs to protect people, and contains those anomalies. DPC stands for Deport. Protect. Contain. However, the DPC Foundation will not let the public know about the DPC creatures and the DPC Foundation. Those DPC have to be contained or terminated. The DPC Foundation is saving humanity and the world.
To keep humanity as safe as possible. The DPC Foundation contains objects and not letting the objects or DPC to the real world. The DPC Foundation will keep containing the DPC as soon as possible.
The DPC Foundation will save humanity and the world, to keep it a safe place for everyone around the world. The DPC Foundation will stop the DPC neutralize them or contain them. To keep it and not come to the public.  The DPC Foundation has been finding interesting things such as creatures and objects and unknown things, the DPC Foundation cannot explain it. 


We report about the anomalies and deport them far away so they don't harm anyone. Anomalies are dangerous to the public and shall be deported.


We protect humanity from the DPCs. To keep humanity safe no evil shall not enter the world. Making the world a better place to everyone around the world.


We contain the DPCs. To keep them away from the public. Is our job to contain those anomalies that are not letting it enter the real world.

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